Ornamental Tectonics is a tri-monthly exploration that serves as a graphic and physical component of theoretical and historical architectural research. The project grew from a desire to contextualize, test, experiment, and explore architectural history through the act of design, rather than strictly through reading and writing academic articles.
- Pavilion 01 -  
Resulting from the manifestation of a number of western historical influences, pavilion 01 essentially arose from the idea of extruding the profile shape of a molding around a non-uniform object.  The resulting extrusion could then be further defined using a modified method of vaulting. 
-Pavilion 02-
The concept behind pavilion 02 was to explore the tectonic principals exhibited in Pompeian wall painting using three-dimensional modules rather than a drafted design.  Pompeian wall paintings don’t exhibit typical perspective, but they can be studied and broken down into quadrants, as well as blocks of foreground/ background elements. Once the 3d modules were defined, the pavilion was created in elevation and section.